Frontman ‘Johnny Wildblood’ started out as an acoustic, solo artist playing shows in bars and clubs throughout Sydney as early as 2010. This inspired his brothers; Juke (drums), Jay (bass) and Justin (lead guitar) to learn instruments of their own. Their goal was to become a rock ‘n’ roll family. And so they made it happen.


The Wildbloods released their self-titled EP in 2015. The EP consists of 3 infectiously happy and downright catchy songs that retell the band member’s experiences of growing up in a light hearted, positive, and at times, comical way.


After several East Coast tours throughout 2014 and early 2015 the band set about recording their debut album ‘All The Adversity’. With the exception of a few songs, this album is somewhat darker than the EP, delving into similar themes but looking at them from a whole new perspective.


'Don't Be Shy', 'Amy Baby' and 'Red Box' are the first 3 singles from the recently released LP and have been received with open arms by the masses. All 3 tunes have been played on Triple M (#1 rock station in Australia) and both 'Amy Baby' and 'Red Box' have been added to rotation on Rebel FM (#2 rock station in Australia).


'All The Adversity' was released in May 2017.